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Everybody Loves A Cover Version, Right?

First up we have Camera Obscura, a band from Glasgow who unfairly in my opinion get dismissed by people as “another Belle & Sebastian, sure they have that twee quality and Tracyanne and Carey are sartorially challenged but there is … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

What do you get if you take an Isley Brothers tune recorded by an American garage band and beloved by the Northern Soul crowd then have one of the most innovative and upfront DJ’s remix it? A 100 mile an … Continue reading

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R.I.P. John Martyn

Sad, sad news. John Martyn – Ways To Cry

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In the wake of the whole Hypechester thing, anybody with a guitar, a pair of Joe Bloggs flairs, a bowl haircut and a Mancunian accent could be signed to a record label on these attributes alone. There were some really … Continue reading

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Brenda Fassie – Vuli n’ Delia

Sticking with the downtempo tunes, here is one that I found on one of the better “chillout” compilations Punta del Est Sunset. Brenda Fassie was famously described as “the Madonna of the townships” by Time Magazine, although I don’t think … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Take You Somewhere You’ve Never Been.

It’s chill-out time, as a good friend of mine would say. The first time I heard this track was on a down tempo mix tape that someone gave me back in 1991 and I couldn’t get enough of it , … Continue reading

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Welcome! Living Leg-end

It was inevitable, I have tried to resist but have succumbed to posting about my favourite band, the band or rather lead singer, gang master, team manager, whatever who makes my wife’s blood boil and my friends all shake their … Continue reading

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Fair Fa’ Your Honest, Sonsie Face

Tonight is Burn’s Night in Scotland and up and down the land people will be tucking into haggis, drinking whisky and reciting poems by the national Bard. We do like to re-enforce our national stereotypes, although not many deep fried … Continue reading

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Deep Down and Dirty

I was having a conversation last night about my spotty youth and when I had a passion for scooters. In the scootering world there were 2 camps, you had your Mods, all 3 button suits, parkas and scooters with tons … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

We move away from the degradation and grime of the north of England in the 70’s to the urban decay of Washington DC in the mid 1980s for this week’s boogie. Go-Go was the popular form of dance music in … Continue reading

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