I intended to start the week with either some twee indie or a little bit of ambient noodling to ease us wage slaves gently into another working week (apologies to those who do work the weekend); however to paraphrase Harold MacMillan, events dear readers, events, have gotten in the way, well blog postings really.

Early yesterday Nolan Micron at Castles In Space did a post on System 7 which got me thinking of Ritchie Hawtin’s remix of Alpha Wave by that collective under his Plastikman pseudonym so I commented saying as much on this, dug out the 12″, dusted it down and ripped it to itunes before my folks came round for lunch.

On checking the blogs last night, CTEL over at Acid Ted posted the remix of Alpha Wave which has totally screwed up my plans. Instead of something light and easy on the ear, now I’m posting a percussive, minimal techno monster from 1993 that on hearing for the first time with Mr Weatherall teasing it in and out of a couple of other tracks I thought what the fuck is that? I had never heard a track built solely on drums before and it just blew me away.

This will certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea but give it a listen loud or through headphones and see if it doesn’t cause you to have a headwreck too.

Plastikman – Spastik

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