Jeff Klein

I first came across Jeff Klein a few years ago when he was supporting the Twilight Singers.

When he came on stage I thought, great just what I want to hear another alt. country troubadour. From the first chords I was pleasantly surprised, yes it was just one guy with an acoustic but the sounds that came out of the guitar via a load of effects pedals was quite amazing giving a much fuller sound than you would expect. The short support slot (30 mins or so) was filled with variety but with a dark, brooding undertow and themes not dissimilar to those which Greg Dulli writes about, sex, loss, jealousy etc. The final track “Put You To Sleep” was especially compelling with Klein using the effects board to, well great effect. He later popped up on stage with Dulli as a member of the Twilight Singers playing keyboards and guitar.

Klein originally from New York but now residing in Austin Texas has released three excellent albums. Firstly You’ll Never Get To Heaven If You Break My Heart in 2000. After which he signed to One Little Indian to release Everybody Loves a winner in 2003. The third, and best album in my opinion is the Greg Dulli produced Hustler from 2006.

When not touring on his own or as part of My Jerusalem, he can be found as an integral part of both of Dulli’s projects the afore mentioned Twilight Singers and The Gutter twins.

Jeff Klein – Everything Is Alright

Jeff Klein – California

Jeff Klein – 19th Hole (no, its not about golf)

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