2 Gigs, One Day

Today myself and the better half are taking in not one gig but two.

At 4pm we will be at the Captain’s Rest to see Frightened Rabbit, I have been so looking forward to this, you would think that it was The Fall that was playing. I had the good fortune to see them 3 times last year and they got better each time. I think seeing them in such a small venue may be something special.

Then off to Stravaigin for some excellent food and to meet the unfortunates that didn’t get tickets for the “feart bunnies” as my mate calls them but did get tickets for round 2.

Then it’s off to the QMU to see Airborne Toxic Event.

What makes it even better is that this is the first time that L has seen either, as being pregnant for a good part of last year she really couldn’t be bothered with gigging.

Frightened Rabbit – Heads Roll Off (live) – I implore you to buy this album, even if you have the Midnight Organ Fight, as it is absolutely wonderful.

Airborne Toxic Event – The Winning Side

I also can’t recommend the Airborne Toxic Event album enough either.

If you don’t buy either of these albums but illegally download them don’t come moaning to me when all you have to listen to is U2 or the latest X Factor guff.

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2 Responses to 2 Gigs, One Day

  1. Rol says:

    A 4pm gig? In my youth, I’d have been horrified. Nowadays, that sounds like my kind of gig.Love Frightened Rabbit, and the one track I’ve heard from ATE was enough to make me buy the album from emusic… though I still haven’t got round to listening to it.

  2. a Tart says:

    Now I’m waiting for the reaction post! Hurry! xoxoox

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