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Luton . . . Shit!

I had a great week last week. I only cooked twice. Ate like it was going out of fashion and definitely drank too much. A word of warning, unless you are feeling particularly flush do not order Bloody Marys as … Continue reading

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Isobel Campbell & Eugene Kelly

I’m being whisked away to Edinburgh for dinner and an overnight in Malmaison today, which will be nice. Here are a couple of my favourite tracks from Isobel Campbell’s collaboration with Mark Lanegan Ballad of The Broken Seas. On these … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Today’s track is probably my favourite dance tune of all time, it just keeps building and building and even now, 15 years on it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I remember purchasing it … Continue reading

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When Did That Happen?

40, Fuck! Fine Young Cannibals – I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Jazzie B & Nellie Hooper mix)

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Absolute Beginners

I’ve been thinking about Absolute Beginners quite a bit this week, really wanting to pick the book off the shelf and read it again but something is telling my that revisiting a book I loved so much in my teenage … Continue reading

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Another 40th Post

It’s the 4oth birthday of one of my best friends today. She was also the first girl to give me a knock back, teaching me the important lesson in life that women are fickle. Happy Birthday T Bad Manners – … Continue reading

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I’ve finally succumbed to pish TV. For years I used to denigrate people who came into work or the pub and talked about Big Brother, X Factor and the rest of those shitty, easy to make mindless programmes. The only … Continue reading

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Never Get Out of the Boat

In the days when I thought that I was a DJ, I used to spend ages attempting to mix this track in with dialogue from Apocalypse Now and Ennio Morricone film scores to varying degrees of success as the mix … Continue reading

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Following on from yesterday’s post. I will give Sasha some credit for bringing a wonderful song to the attention of a wider audience albeit in the form of a remix. The song was Careful by Horse and I think initially … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

I was never a big fan of “The Man Like Sasha”. He could generate a buzz in clubs for weeks before he was due to play there but I could never fathom out why. Mix Mag even went to the … Continue reading

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