Mather by the Dave Pike Set came on the ipod the other day and caught me totally unaware, i had forgotten just how funky the track was. I first heard it on a Talkin’ Jazz Brazilica ! Sampler. It stopped me in my tracks then as well as I was expecting to hear some cool latin tunes but instead a sitar driven track that conjured up visions of Indian subcontinent rather than the barios and beaches of South America.

Dave Pike Set – Mather

I rembered that I had an reworking of the song which had been a collaboration between Brendan Lynch and Paul Weller. I went raking through the shelves and found not one but two 12″ singles one from 1994 and the other from 1997 both credited to Indian Vibes. The musicians involved were Paul Weller, Gerard Farrell, Marco Nelson, Crispin Taylor and Brendan Lynch I have no idea who the other musicians apart from Weller are Lynch are.

There are a myriad of remixes by the likes of the Ballistic Brothers, X-Press 2 and the Scream Team. The version posted is the Lynch Mob Beats mix.

Indian Vibes – Mather

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  1. Simon says:

    Marco was the bass player with The Young Disciples and Crispin was the drummer with Galliano. Mick Talbot also played with both those bands funnily enough.

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