More Big Beat

Yesterday’s post on Fatboy Slim resulted in a request from churlish dervish for Phatty’s Lunchbox by Mekon on the Wall of Sound label mentioned in the post.

Mekon – Phatty’s Lunchbox

I don’t have much info on this release only that it came out in 1994 and was ( I hate to use labels) one of the prototype Big Beat records, with it’s hip hop beats and sampled guitars. It was also only the second release on Wall of Sound, the label that would later release tunes by the Wiseguys, Ceasefire and more widely known the Propellerheads, amongst others.

While digging it out, I started to think of the records that I would play along with this at the time and pulled out a few more twelves that can be loosely termed “Big Beat”, which I think I will be posting over the course of the weekend.

First up is a track which is technically not a track as it is comprised of a whole load of tracks and is not from a 12″ single either, although it is from a vinyl album, Brassic Beats Volume 2. It’s by the Bassbin Twins and is called 2 Turntables And A Crate Of Skint. It basically does what it says on the label, the Bassbin Twins get a load of Skint records and mix them together with the aid of 2 turntables.

The Bassbin Twins – 2 Turntables and A Crate Of Skint.

Second up is Monkey Mafia with their first single Blow The Whole Joint Up. Monkey Mafia was one of Jon Carter’s aliases. The track has quite a recognisable guitar sample.

Monkey Mafia – Blow The Whole Joint Up.

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3 Responses to More Big Beat

  1. Simon says:

    I loved all this stuff; these records just dripped excitement. I’ve dug out my skint compilations because of you!

  2. drew says:

    Simon, how long to go now?

  3. Simon says:

    Due date is two weeks away, so we could be looking at any time in the next month!!! Midwife suspects sooner rather than later though.

    Scary!! It’s completely draining my creative brain…

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