Snooker Loopy

Who else but the genuis that is Mark E Smith would write a song about snooker?

Chas n who?

Not very interesting fact – Eminem sampled Chas n Dave on My Name Is. It’s amazing what you can learn from Radio 4.

Von Sudenfed – Slow Down Ronnie

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4 Responses to Snooker Loopy

  1. Planet Mondo says:

    Does The Faces Pool Hall Richard count?

    AC/DC did Sink The Pink, but it may not strictly been snooker based

  2. drew says:

    No I don’t think that AC/DC were on about snooker Mondo.

  3. Davy H says:

    Let’s not forget the seminal ‘(Everybody’s Doing The) Len Ganley Stance’ by Half Man Half Biscuit, in honour of the legendary snooker referee.

  4. drew says:

    I had forgotten about Len Ganley Stance, Davy.

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