It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

A bit of Scottish progressive house from 1992 for you today.

The Slam boys and Soma weren’t the only label out of Glasgow that was releasing quality house tunes during the early 90s there was also the 23rd Precinct and Limbo labels both of which were affiliated with the record shop in Glasgow with the same name. The sound of 23rd Precinct/Limbo was always, to me anyway a little more commercial than the edgier more upfront sound of Soma.

The record shop was staffed by c_ _ _s of the first degree. It was a common occurrence to get sneered at if you asked for something that the git behind the counter didn’t approve of. They make Jack Black’s character in High Fidelity look like the epitome of fair mindedness. If you were trying to get a hold of anything quite rare there was absolutely no point in going to 23rd Precinct unless you were part of their crew. On a few occasions I asked for tunes and could see the vinyl behind the counter only to be told that they didn’t have it! Thank God that there were other dance music shops in Glasgow to frequent.

However the labels did release some great tracks by the likes of Havana, Harri and Sublime.

Fight the Feeling was produced by Mathew Brown and Graham Drinnan and came out as a white label only, on the 23rd Precinct label and is pretty typical of the releases around this time fairly progressive with a bit of piano. I remember flogging this to death when it came out. When I pulled it out earlier in the week I initially thought that it had dated badly, however after a couple of plays at volume I have revised my opinion and think that it holds up pretty well.

Sublime – Fight The Feeling

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2 Responses to It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

  1. Davy H says:

    Just 'dropped' this with a cold San Miguel. Perhaps I am 'having' it?
    How thrilling!

    Happy Friday dear boy.

    Word verif = djeven (!)

  2. drew says:

    You're 'avin it Mr H.

    Happy Friday indeed.

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