I don’t really know that much about The Bible (the band, don’t know that much about the book either to be honest), I suppose you could wiki them if you wanted. The track Graceland is quite a typical mid eighties sounding indie tune which I flogged to death at the time of release and doesn’t sound too shabby today either.

Wonder why I never bought anything else by them other than this single?

The version posted is the re-recording from 1989 and not the original mix which is far too crackly to inflict upon you.

The Bible – Graceland

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4 Responses to Graceland

  1. Anonymous says:

    one of my favourite bands ! – The lp that the original comes from “walking the ghost back home” is a great bit litery pop (made up genre but kind of sums them up). The next one “eureka” was produced by a very drugged up Steve Earle (as the singer and main songwriter boo hewerdine tells it) and is more polished and suffers from one of those singles “honey be good” that was released about 60 times but stubbornly refused to chart. There then followed an compilation of an unreleased cd (turned down by the record company) and b sides called “random acts of kindness” and then a another cd that the record company also refused to release (see a theme developing) which eventually got out some years later when they had broken up called “dodo”
    Boo hewerdine released alot of solo stuff and co wrote some great songs with Gary Clark of Danny Wilson. Biggest success was that he wrote “patience of Angels ” which became a hit for Eddi Reader.

    Best of his solo stuff can be found on “babtist hospital” a country record he recorded with darden smith called “Evidence” (no come back it really is good) and harmograph a cd of songes he's written for other people
    He has gone a bit folky recently still good but sounds a bit samey compared to when he has a band with him.

    Not sure if this is a recommnedation but Nick hornby is a big fan and one of the Bible b sides has a chapter in his “31 songs” book

    Friend of rachel worth

  2. Davy H says:

    If you buy 'Walking The Ghost Back Home' on CD from Boo's website you can ask him to kindly sign it for you: I did.

    Liked them mucho.

  3. drew says:

    Thanks for the information guys, I think that I will have to delve in further here. I've realised that the reason I didn't pursue them further was the same reason as with Hipsway, House happened and all my pennies went on Strictly Rhythm and DJ International imports.

  4. JC says:

    Cheers Drew. I've a couple of singles by The Bible on vinyl….the original version of Graceland and the truly wonderful 'Mahalia' which features the only non-rubish sax solo ever recorded.

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