Kettles, Don’t Get The Stripey Stuff, It Nips My Gums

The holy grail of 80’s TV comedy drama dropped through my letterbox this morning.

The BBC finally decided to release Tuttu Frutti on DVD. I have been waiting for this event for nearly 20 years, it will be that long since I lost my VHS copy of this brilliant show. It has never been explained as to why this show was only repeated once, later the same year as first released. When interviewed John Byrne only comment was that he intended it to be a one off.

The story revolves around a washed up covers band the Majestics who need to find a new singer after the death of theirs in an road traffic accident involving a kebab. The younger brother of the dead singer is drafted in to fulfill their obligations around a 25th anniversary tour and a documentary.

The series made stars out of Robbie Coltraine, Emma Thompson and Richard Wilson the devious, conniving manager, Eddie Clockerty.

Posted is the original of a track that Coltraine and Thompson duet on to great effect in the series.

Mickey and Sylvia – Love Is Strange

Guess what I will be watching tonight?

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2 Responses to Kettles, Don’t Get The Stripey Stuff, It Nips My Gums

  1. JC says:

    I've not seen it since way back then. I'm just hoping it is as good as I remember and that it has aged well…..

  2. Darren says:

    The follow up – Your Cheatin' Heart with Tilda Swinton and John Gordon Sinclair – must now qualify as the new holy grail.

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