Back To Pit Boots and Purridge

I’m back to work today after 2 weeks rest and recuperation. It won’t be that bad, I just wonder how many efficiency and cost saving measures have been implemented in my absence, it is a given that there will be at least one.

Spare a thought for L though as today is also her first day back after a little longer than myself, six and a half months to be exact. It is going to to be a bit of a culture shock for both her and our youngest, who will be packed off with his brother to their Gran’s.

Here’s one of L’s favorite tracks and another which may very well sum up her mood tomorrow night.

Ted Hawkins – Bring It On Home To Me

Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum

FYI – “back to pit boots and purridge on Monday, Sarah”, were the immortal words which my uncle Jimmy would say with a deep sigh every time it was back to work after a holiday, when I was wee I never understood why he would talk about pit boots when he worked in the steelworks.

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1 Response to Back To Pit Boots and Purridge

  1. Davy H says:

    My sympathies….hope all four of you cope OK, and here's to Friday eh?

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