Hoi Smith, Where’s The Bloody Album?

The work ethic that Mark E Smith bangs on about in every interview he does seems to have eluded him of late. It has been over a year since the last album launch which was also a rather tardy release. I keep checking the “unofficial” Fall website, hoping to see a post informing the masses of the imminent release of a new album by the gruppe, but nothing. The nearest their is is the live cd/dvd package of the gig at the last night of The Hammersmith Palais which I have pre-ordered twice already and will not hold my breath for it actually being released on the 24th August.

Another thing which has pissed me off this year is the distinct lack of Fall gigs north of the border, one earlier this year and that was part of a festival. I wasn’t paying fifty quid to see forty five minutes in the dubious acoustics of the Arches. I may be mad but I’m not stupid.

This week I was informed that I will have to go to Berlin with work in October which just so happens is when the Fall have penciled in a few dates round the country, none in Scotland as yet but you can bet your bottom dollar that when the Scottish dates are announced it will be the bloody week I will be in Berlin and I don’t think that the powers that be will be very sympathetic or realise the importance of seeing the Fall live.

The Fall – Garden (Peel session)

The above post was just another excuse to slip on something by the world’s greatest band

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2 Responses to Hoi Smith, Where’s The Bloody Album?

  1. JC says:


    I'm jealous.

  2. drew says:

    Don't be it's work. Remember DVDs comment on Davy's site you posted in full, sums it up really.

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