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Back To Belfast

I’m off to Belfast for a couple of days with work. So not a great deal going on here again this week. Stiff Little Fingers – Doesn’t Make It Alright

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The Farm Groovy Train

Back to the celebrations of all thing Boys Own and a 12″ single I picked up a few weeks back in Oxfam Music on Byres Road for the princely sum of £1. I didn’t buy this at the time for … Continue reading

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Real Estate

A few weeks ago I had the Beta Band scene experience in Mono in Glasgow. I’ve meant to post the track for weeks but never got round to it but I feel that it may be about the right time … Continue reading

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What Special Relationship?

Is it not about time that we stopped caring about what the good old US of A thinks about us and just get on with being the UK and part of Europe? As the only Royle that matters, Jim, would … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

As you are reading this, I will be on my way home from Birmingham after being at the beck and call of some very important colonial cousins. It will have been a very intense and tiring week. I will need … Continue reading

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Paradiso – Here We Go Again

Another track in celebration of the release of the Boys Own book and of the collective who changed British clubbing and club culture in the late 80’s and early nineties. Here is an Italian house track which first saw the … Continue reading

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Sunday Song

Found this track while cleaning up my itunes after an unsuccessful attempt to load up the latest version last week. I tried the solutions suggested on the website on how to recover your music library but to no avail which … Continue reading

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New Music

This is the business. I think that it is ok to post as it has been released in a criminally limited pressing of 500 copies and I can’t find it available as a download anywhere. It eventually arrived today and … Continue reading

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Flamboyant Bella

I didn’t start this blog of to punt music for record companies and have never went out of my way to encourage PR companies and the like to send me music to review. Usually if I have written about some … Continue reading

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In celebration of the fact that MES has eventually got his arse in gear and arranged some Scottish gigs (13th & 14th of Nov at the Renfrew Ferry at the very reasonable price of 25 quid for both nights), here … Continue reading

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