I came to Pavement quite late. I don’t know why but I was under the impression that they were just another American slacker band and I had heard enough of them and as a result never bothered to investigate the band further.

One day when our office was still in the center of Edinburgh, I was on one of my frequent visits to Avalanche Records in Cockburn Street when I noticed a few Pavement cds at a fiver. My interest in the band had been tweaked just before this when I had read an article where they had been compared to the Fall and the writer had quoted Mark E Smith as saying that Pavement were a rip off of his band. So when I saw that the cds were so cheap I decided to take a punt on the first one Slanted & Enchanted. I took it back to the office and gave it a quick listen, quite liking what I heard but not understanding the reference to the Fall at first, however on repeated listens it became clear that Malkmus did indeed owe Smith a debt or two.

Over the following few weeks I bought the remaining Pavement cds including the double disc re release of Crooked Rain Crooked Rain but I think that the first album is still my favorite although I still haven’t got round to buying the 2 disc edition of that which appeared in 2007.

Posted are 2 versions of my favorite track on the first album

Pavement – Here

Pavement – Here [#]

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