Elvis Is Not A Dog But In Fact A Cat.

Before the kids came along, when we lived in our old house and where I was allowed to have the decks up in the back bedroom, a couple of mates and myself would spend more time than was healthy playing tunes and having a couple of spliffs. As the night wore on and the smoke took hold the music would get stranger and more mellow, a favorite was the track A Century Of Elvis from Belle And Sebastian’s Lazy Line Painter Jane ep.

One night I was sitting in the pub with a group of friends, when it became perfectly clear and I blurted out rather too loudly “Elvis is a dog!”, to which all but one of the group looked at me in bemusement, the other mate just nodded his head and smiled.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago when I was in Birmingham I had the ipod on shuffle as I couldn’t sleep in the hotel and A Century Of Elvis came on and I was transported to that smoke filled room a good few years ago now but as I listened to the track I realised that I had been wrong, Elvis was not a dog but in fact a cat. No dogs that I know of would ever think about climbing into a post office van or sit on the arm of a chair but a cat, definitely. So I booted up my laptop and emailed my mate to inform him of our misconception then fell asleep happy in the knowledge that an important fact was now beyond doubt.

The above nonsense has been inspired by Kippers’ post on Looper at the consistently good Too Much Apple Pie

Belle And Sebastian – A Century Of Elvis

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2 Responses to Elvis Is Not A Dog But In Fact A Cat.

  1. JC says:

    No-one can sleep in Birmingham hotel rooms!


  2. drew says:

    All in the past JC.

    I have to go to Birmingham later in the month from Sunday to Friday, not looking forward to it.

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