The Mendoza Line

Continuing the alt-country theme from yesterday with the Mendoza Line a band from Athens, Georgia who relocated to Brooklyn. The band formed in 1996 and released 9 albums before they broke up in 2007 due to the divorce of the main song writers Timothy Bracy and Shannon McArdle.

The last album 30 Year Low was my introduction to the band and led me to seek out their back catalogue, however I think that the final album is their best. That may be because it was the first thing that I heard from them. The album came with a bonus disc of covers and live versions including a great version of the Springsteen track Tougher Than The Rest.

Talking of Springsteen covers, my split single of Springsteen covers by Darren Hayman and The Wave Pictures arrived this morning, included is a Wave Pictures album of covers of the New Jersey rocker, some of which are more successful than others. I’m sure that these will be all over blogs like a rash in the coming week or so.

BTW- A Mendoza Line, is a baseball term for the lowest batting average a player can make before being either sacked or sold, apparently. Not knowing anything about baseball I’m none the wiser.

The Mendoza Line – Aspects of An Old Maid (with Will Sheff)

The Mendoza Line – Tougher Than The Rest

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