In celebration of the fact that MES has eventually got his arse in gear and arranged some Scottish gigs (13th & 14th of Nov at the Renfrew Ferry at the very reasonable price of 25 quid for both nights), here is the blistering version of Reformation from the Last Night At The Palais CD/DVD albeit cut short due to dodgy bouncers and a hostile atmosphere and an introduction by some cock who was offended by Smith’s lack of respect for it being the last night of the venue.

At the time of the recording the current line-up of the fall sans drummer joined the dudes (members of the American band Darker My Love) to form one of the best Fall line-ups it has been my pleasure to see.

The Fall – Reformation

As an extra from the same gig, the gruppe’s cover of Hungry Freaks, Daddy

The Fall – Hungry Freaks, Daddy

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One Response to Reformation

  1. Simon says:

    I can hear you jumping up and down at the thought of it already!

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