Guten Tag

Guten tag damen und herren. Back from Berlin, what a cool city, what I got time to see of it. Did see quite a few neo-nazi skinhead types hanging about a square, drinking beer near my hotel which was quite disconcerting.

The weather was a bit miserable and cold, made me feel like home, apart from when I left Glasgow on Thursday the weather was dry and a positively tropical 17 degrees. .

Here is an absolutely cracking track from Moderat, the collaboration between Apparat and Modeselektor which came out on Berlin’s BPitch label and was recorded in the same studio in Berlin where David Bowie recorded Heroes.

Hopefully the posts will get back to some sort of regular frequency this week.

The picture above is of the Holocaust memorial on Behrenstrasse  which I found to be an effective and extremely thought provoking piece of art but what do I know.

Moderat – Nr.22

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