It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Today’s track comes from an artist who with the other 2 members of her band, One Dove was responsible for one of my top 21 tracks ever, Fallen (darkest hour mix). Since then Dot Allison has embarked upon a solo career which has not been as successful as it should have been, in sales at least; especially for her debut album Afterglow. She has also collaborated with the likes of Massive Attack, Death In Vegas, Pete Docherty and most recently Paul Weller on her latest album.

The track posted comes from her second album, which to tell you the truth I’m still not sure whether I like or not. It certainly doesn’t get the play that her debut does. Allison totally changed direction, with a much darker electro vibe being the order of the day. The album was produced by Keith Tenniswood, Lord Sabre’s partner in crime in the Two Lone Swordsmen.

Substance, for me is the standout track on the album which is transformed here by Felix Da Housecat into a pulsing slab of electroklash which at the time was being touted as the next big thing. The mix certainly harks back to the electronica of the early eighties which is again back in vogue. Felix Da Housecat was the wunderkind of Chicago house, releasing his first single Phantasy Girl  at the tender age of 15 with a little bit of help from his mentor DJ Pierre. In the early years of this decade he championed the electoklash sound and was responsible for the standout track of that sound, Silver Screen Shower Scene. He is much in demand as a DJ and remixer and recently released the album He Was King.

Dot Allison – Substance (Felix Da Housecat mix)

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6 Responses to It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

  1. Mondo says:

    Love the fat analogues. Just like the sort of thing my brother (Tronik Youth specialises in).

    Have you ever thought of doing a mix selected from your Friday posts, be dead simple using Audacity (or Ableton)

  2. drew says:

    Thanks for that Mondo. You've got me thinking now. I could dust down the mixer and other deck and do a mix train crashes and all.

  3. Mondo says:

    Perhaps do it as 1st anniversary, or end of year post, best of the Friday sessions type thing?

  4. Mondo says:

    Here you go check this too a twenty minute minimix of electro bits I made and blogged a couple of years back Electric Blue

    Agent Provocateur – Chinese Girl
    Mylo – Muscle Car
    Ethan -In My Heart(instrumental edit)
    The “O” Medley / Silverscreen Shower Scene – (Soulwax Mix)
    Felix Da Housecat – Choochie Coo
    Mount Sims – Good Service
    Peaches – I U She

  5. JC says:

    start of this was not a million miles away from Kylie Minogue!!! (which is OK by me)

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