Just Because

This is brilliant, a bit of mellow dub step which was featured on Mr Weatherall’s recent 6mix.  It will only be posted for a very limited time as it is a current track, so dig in while you can. The track can be found on the rather excellent compilation 5 Years of Hyperdub, the label that brought us the very talented Burial and other great dubstep twelves. The compilation can be purchased here.

Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl’s A Computer

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2 Responses to Just Because

  1. Ctelblog says:

    Had great hopes after your write up. But found it strangely unengaging. Perhaps I'm just tired.

  2. Simon says:

    Like it.

    By the way, if anybody tells you the Hudson Mohawke album is worth a listen walk the other way. Worst release on Warp by miles. It has a couple of moments, but is overflowing with really cheesy sounding synths and beats. Like a bad computer game soundtrack….

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