What’s That I Smell?

Well the flight back from Luton on Monday night was on time which is always a bonus. Today I survived the latest restructuring ( or cull as I like to call it) in the company I work for. Many others and a couple of guys I know well were not so lucky, a bit of a shitty day if the truth be told.

While travelling down to Luton yesterday I had the misfortune to be sitting in front of some football agent and some professional footballer who i didn’t recognise which doesn’t mean that they guy isn’t well known but these days I care very little for the beautiful game. Anyway, as I had to take off my headphones until we were airborne I could not help but hear their conversation, half the plane would also have had the misfortune to have overheard as well, as they weren’t the quietest speaking guys in the world. Every bloody sentence uttered had some cliche or other which you’ve heard a thousand times, “he covers every blade of grass on the park”,  “always give 110 percent” and the one which the agent fella was particularly fond of “lady luck shone on me”, etc etc. Now I’m not always that eager for the plane to take off , most of the time I’m hoping that it can’t and I can just get off and go home,  but after about 5 minutes of this I couldn’t wait for the plane to take off so I could get my headphones on and drown out this nonsense, in fact I had to put the Fuck Buttons up to nearly full volume in order to make it stop, once I could.

When the time came for me to take the headphones off,  as we were “on our final descent into Luton” (there is something about that phrase “final descent” which doesn’t sit very well with me) they were still bloody at it but now the agent was going on about how much money he had negotiated for this player and that player. Which got me to wondering if he was so bloody successful then why was he flying Sleazyjet with the likes of me? He wasn’t even in the Speedy Boarding lane as we got on the plane.

Another thing that I learn’t yesterday is that it is obligatory for every football manager and player to have a y added onto the end of their name as in “As I was saying to Granty the other day”.

That whole spiel was just so that I could play the song posted below and if you did read the above, thank your lucky stars that I decided not to rant on about restructuring and how we are all in it together and similar such crap.

Club 8 – Football Kids

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2 Responses to What’s That I Smell?

  1. Davy H says:

    Nice detector there “Drewsy”.

  2. JC says:

    you should have taken a photo of them with your mobile so someone out there could have outed them.

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