Orange Sky

The first time I heard this track I reckon was early afternoon a good few years ago. At the time I was office based and to break the tedium, when not in meetings and such like I would listen to KEXP Seattle over the net. This radio station put me on to a good few bands, as I’ve probably mentioned before.

John in the morning which over here in the UK is actually Jon in the afternoon is exceptionally good. If only we could get these kind of tunes at that time in the morning, instead of Chris Moyles inane drivel and what ever has been deemed to be on the Radio 1 playlist that week.

One day John played this track and it totally stopped me in my tracks.  It sounded not unlike John Martyn but with better pronunciation. After playing the track John mentioned that this was the first time that he had been able to play the track since asking for it to be played at his mother’s funeral a few months before, not the sort of revelation that you are expecting over the airwaves on what to all intents and purposes is a drive time show.

For a couple of days after I found myself going back to the KEXP website and playing the track over again. Through the wonders of the internet I found a copy of the 4 Songs ep and purchased it. Later, after extolling its virtues to friends late one drunken night I was informed that it had been played on the OC,  a series until then  I had been oblivious to.

Not the worst way to start a Monday.

Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky

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4 Responses to Orange Sky

  1. davy h says:

    It's lovely isn't it? I first heard it thanks to Howard at Lonesome Music. I investigated the LP, which was nice enough but didn't have anything else this good on it.

  2. JC says:

    drew….I will copy you the LP if you copy me the EP.

    davy H ….I reckonn the tracks Breathe and Song For You are up there with Orange Sky.

    Oh and Alexi Murdoch was another one that was passed onto me via Comrade Colin when he used to blog. Sigh.

  3. drew says:

    JC – There is only one track on the ep which isn't on the album It's Only Fear. Here you go.

    orange Sky is exceptional but the rest of the album is good but in comparison I would have to agree with you Davy.

  4. beautiful song – very Badly Drawn Boy-esque.
    i've yet another artist to add to my 'explore' list…

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