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Happy New Year!

Forgot to post this at Christmas. It is the fabled (was when I was a teenager, thought that it was one of those urban myths) Hendrix Christmas/New Year medley recorded in Baggy’s studio, New York, late 1969 with the Band … Continue reading

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Hogmanay and All The Best When It Comes

I’ve never really been a fan of Hogmanay, well not since I got lifted aged 18 about 5 minutes after the bells and spent the night in the local cells. It is a long story and I will not bore … Continue reading

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Just Because

Gary Mulholland in his excellent book ” This Is Uncool – The 500 Greatest Singles Since Punk And Disco” reckons that everybody has one good single in them. I tend to disagree with this fact as their are countless artists, … Continue reading

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I’m sure that the first time I was aware of Kosmos was after reading a review of it in Mixmag, which must have got my attention as it’s not every day that you get a review of a Paul Weller … Continue reading

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What to Do?

The 27th of December, what’s it for? For recovering from 2 days of excess, whether that be food, drink, relations or all 3? Or for contemplating the festivities of next weekend. In this household, I have decreed that it is … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas Eve . . . Let’s Dance

Well. if I haven’t got everything,  it’s too late now. Gone are the days when I used to go clubbing or an all night lock in, in the pub on Christmas Eve. These days I spend the night scraping M … Continue reading

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Groovy Feeling

Shall we continue the upbeat vibes? Here is Fluke with a really bouncy track from 1993. My mate Starkey used to go mad for this. Fluke – Groovy Feeling (Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)

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Sharia Don’t Like It, But Then There Is No Accounting For Taste

I am starting to get a bit of demob fever and I still have, officially, 2 days left to work. This evening I have been listening to old tunes which get me in the party spirit and I suspect that … Continue reading

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Oh, Okay Then

Just for chocolategirl64 Amazon II – King Of The Beats

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From This Day On

I was first introduced to the song posted today when it was used in Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow’s live mix of exclusively 7 inch singles, Brainfreeze.  Being a lover of all things Shadow I searched for the cd everywhere, … Continue reading

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