Sharia Don’t Like It, But Then There Is No Accounting For Taste

I am starting to get a bit of demob fever and I still have, officially, 2 days left to work. This evening I have been listening to old tunes which get me in the party spirit and I suspect that nothing except more upbeat, dancey tunes will feature around here for the next week or so.

Thee first time I heard Mustapha Dance, would probably have been in the Mudd Club in Aberdeen around 1987, it was certainly Aberdeen. I thought that somebody had remixed the Clash, as in 1982  I didn’t buy 12″ singles and neither did anybody else I knew, so I was unaware that the track had been the b-side of Rock The Casbah, a single which I had bought but to be truthful was never that fond of. From the singles released from Combat Rock I much prefer straight to hell.

But this dubby, dancey,  b-side mix is a different story I love it and it always gets me in the mood for a good jig although there won’t be much chance of that this Christmas. The reality will be more like me spending my days helping M build Lego creations. Still there is the prospect of playing with a rather large Millenium Falcon to look forward to.

The Clash – Mustapha  Dance

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3 Responses to Sharia Don’t Like It, But Then There Is No Accounting For Taste

  1. Simon says:

    Oh man. Christmas 79 or 89 I got the old Millenium Falcon for use with the Star Wars figures. One of my favourite presents ever!

  2. drew says:

    The new one is 2 1/2 feet long. The only problem is M said last week that he isn't that bothered about Star Wars anymore!

  3. davy h says:

    I'd be happy as a pig in poo building that with you, I really would.

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