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And The Christmas #1 2009 Goes To . . .

SONY BMG Congratulations,  all those who paid their 79 pence to stick it to the Man. Feel happy, satisfied in the knowledge that you helped to more than double the profits that Sony thought they would make off of the … Continue reading

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Just Because . . .

I think that this is the finest thing that Paul Weller ever wrote, tucked away on side two track three of The Jam’s second album This Is The Modern World. I have no explanation why I like this more than … Continue reading

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Last Festive Tunes, I Promise

Here we have a couple of festive tracks that I’ve not seen posted anywhere and I really like. Weather Update – Mental snow up hear with thunder & lightning. Supposed to be going to friends for dinner tonight but they … Continue reading

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Wasn’t I Your Babysitter?

Sitting in the dentist yesterday morning, I was asked “Are you . . . ., I used to babysit you?” Very strange moment. I thought that I recognised the girl opposite when I walked in but couldn’t place her. It … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

I’ve been in a bit  of a dilemma over this Friday’s post. It being Christmas party season, (L is away to another one tonight), do I post a banging house track which hopefully people will like or do I go … Continue reading

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Now it Feels Like Christmas!

We’ve had about 4 inches of snow here today which is still lying, yipee. I took the day off, went into Glasgow and finished my Christmas shopping. I am now in the festive spirit and thus will post probably the … Continue reading

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Allo Darlin’ – New Single

Elizabeth Morris first came to my attention nearly 2 years ago with her brilliant rendition of You Shook Me All Night Long which unfortunately I was too slow off the mark to acquire a copy of, since then there have … Continue reading

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Raveonettes Again

Saw the Raveonettes last night and again they did not fail to meet expectations. The sound was great although due to the venue not quite as loud as usual. I’m still in two minds over the ABC 2 as a … Continue reading

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It seems that I may have been a little hasty and jumped to some misguided conclusions on my last post regarding the culprit of the complaint to boxnet over my posting of the Withered Hand track. I own Dan an … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement Again

Seems like Dan from Withered Hand objects to me posting Oldsmobile Car, fair do’s really, if I had been informed of this I would have pulled the track right away and apologized most profusley, however I was mailed by  Boxnet, stating that I was in … Continue reading

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