Bloody Work!

First day back today and I’m not looking forward to sifting through the emails to find the ones that are actually important or completing the tasks that should have been finished last year but somehow got forgotten about.

I need something with a bit of oomph to get me going.

The Go!Team – Ladyflash

That’ll do nicely.

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9 Responses to Bloody Work!

  1. davy h says:

    But did your car start?

  2. lol i was gonna ask same thing? Mine didnt, battery as flat as the proverbial fart

  3. drew says:

    Surprisingly, after an hour of digging it out and then having to de -ice internally as well it did. Not very confidently though.
    Decided to work from home today but had to take the boys to there Gran. M got an extra day off, school closed!

  4. Simon says:

    Ah Ladyflash! One of my favourite singles of the 00s.

    Little man at this end decided to stay up all night so there was no way I was getting into work. Just as well as we're getting the snow here now!

  5. drew says:

    The weather is the lead on PM, must mean that the snow is heading South!

  6. Simon says:

    By the way Drew, I've just been listening, whilst looking out of the window at the snow, to a track you posted earlier on last year by Jesse Somfay, the Fricative White track. Works so well with the weather!!!

  7. JC says:

    OK….this is as good a place to tell of my first day back.

    Office is located below six tenement flats. On 31st January, sewage pipe from all of those flats, which had been unknowingly backing-up and not going where it should have been going, cracked under the pressure and sprayed its contents all over my office.

    Not as you can imagine a pretty sight. Nor a pleasant smell.

    Contractors came in over the weekend and sucked out a lot of the discharged material. But the place still looks and smells like a 1st World War trench after four months of rain.

    Big decant operation begins tomorrow.

    PLeased to hear about the car. Good luck with the emails.

    Oh and great line about the snow now heading south……

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