Liquid Liquid were a New York band who were around from 1980 to 1983. There sound combined elements of funk, dub and punk to produce what I think is the most danceable tunes of the post punk era.

Although the band were never commercial due to the fact that the eps were released in very limited numbers there tunes have been heard in the more discerning dance floors ever since. The Glasgow DJ duo Optimo are named after one of there tracks and the track featured here was played by the Sugarhill band as the backing track to a far more famous single.

In 1997 Mo Wax re released all of the eps as an album and during the subsequent couple of years released remix twelves of Bellhead and Cavern. The track posted is the Cut Chemist remix of Cavern.

Predictably, like so many other bands from the early 80’s they reformed in 2008.

Liquid Liquid – Cavern (Cut Chemist Rocks A Rave In A Missile Silo)

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One Response to Cavern

  1. gareth says:

    Interesting mix Drew.

    Liquid Liquid proved to be so influential and are often name checked by bands. James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem presumably had their discs playing on repeat when he was younger?!


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