The Pale Fountains – . . . from across the kitchen table (12″ mix)

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10 Responses to One

  1. davy h says:

    Hey! Happy Blog Birthday!

    It's like you've always been there – in a good way.

  2. drew says:

    I was quite surprised myself, hadn't realized it was so close to the Newe Year and then remembered that i had blogged about L's birth.

  3. someone's got a stalker ^_*
    ok ok ok ~ happy bloggin' birthday!
    blow out the candles and sing us a song :

  4. Simon says:

    Happy Blog Day! For a second there I thought you would be blogging U2. I bet you secretly lock yourself away with U2 albums and binge on the sweet sounds of Bono and The Edge. I bet they're like cream cakes at three in the morning for the serial dieter…

  5. drew says:

    simon, I was going to just ignore that but I can't, that cunt Bonzo can in no way be compared with cream cakes, which are good. I did for about a second contemplate posting the track you mentioned until I remembered that I don't have a copy in any form whatsoever which I am rather proud of. I even deleted the Johnny Cash version from my itunes when uploading the album

    Have you listened to the XX album? I have came rather late to them but I really like what I hear.

  6. Simon says:

    You're the second person today to mention the XX. I've read a few reviews, I was meaning to check them out. I'll definitely do so now.

  7. I adore the XX!
    recently watched 'starter for ten' on ch4 with my 14 yr old daughter when Boys Don't Cry played as part of the soundtrack …. she said “sounds like the XX and Black Kids”:
    oh the ignorance of youth :
    they'll soon be saying that Franz Ferdinand sound like Josef K *tsk raises eyes to heavens*

  8. swiss adam says:

    Happy blogday. I was meaning to check ou but hadn't got around to it the XX

  9. JC says:

    I'm with y'all on XX. Got it from Santa on 25 December and been listeing to it a lot.

    Oh and a very very happy 1st Birthday. Never a dull moment round these parts. Thanks for everything.

  10. dickvandyke says:

    I'm not fashionably late, just remiss. Happy Blog Birthday drew. It's been a blast.

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