Just Because

This is an absolute stormer of a track which came on the iPod in the car on the trip to Manchester yesterday. Although I’m not quite sure about the key change just over half way through.

Mel Wynn – I Don’t Want To Lose You.

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2 Responses to Just Because

  1. Mondo says:

    Stormer – I've just finished this , so on a buzz for Northern Soul and those Trojan Box Sets at the mo'

  2. drew says:

    I really enjoyed that book but see whenever I see Paulo Hewitt, he always comes across as a right cock.

    I remember a few years back getting The Ultimate Trojan Rock Steady Box Set, all 9 cd's worth for a fiver and the 2 Trojan Dub sets for 3 quid each in Fopp, you just don't see deals like that anymore.

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