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Vive La France and Fuck Murdoch

I feel a rant or two coming on. Firstly, I was all set to rant about Sleazyjet and how more times than not they are delayed and give some half arsed excuse and that is it. The reason for the … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

After the success of the likes of S’Express, M/A/R/R/S and Bomb The Bass with  sample based tracks it seemed that everyone with access to a drum machine, sampler and turntable was hell bent on plundering the works of James Brown … Continue reading

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The Big Chill

I watched the Big Chill on Film 4 last night, which turned out to be a portent of what was to come today, as the snow is back with a bloody vengeance this morning. Anyway, when the film was released … Continue reading

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Higher Than Heaven

Age of Chance are probably best remembered for their brilliant cover version of Kiss, which came out in a myriad of covers and mixes in 1986. The band first came to the attention of most indie fans due to their … Continue reading

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He Is Not Appreciated

. . . Well not by the lady of the house in this particular household. This may change, however, now that I have persuaded her, finally to come and see the mighty Fall, when they play Edinburgh on the 24th … Continue reading

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Just Because

. . . I’ve come home from the pub and I want to hear this. John Martyn – Small Hours

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it’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

By the end of 1987/ the start of 1988, producers and acts over here in the UK got in on the act and started making House music, a lot of the early tracks were innovative in the use of samples, … Continue reading

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Don’t know a hell of a lot about Sodastream, apart from they are a duo from Australia, Melbourne I think, they broke up in 2007 and are named after a ginger making machine that my brother was rather partial to, … Continue reading

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My Love Grows Deeper

Clydie King is probably best known as a session singer for the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Joe Cocker. Or for her brilliant duet with Jimmy Holliday, Ready, Willing and Able which was released on Minit in … Continue reading

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I’m Stunned and Saddened

I often wondered where Ctel would go once he finished his trawl through the ABC of dance music but I never for one moment thought that he would rap it. So I’m stunned today. I suppose it is better to … Continue reading

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