Don’t know a hell of a lot about Sodastream, apart from they are a duo from Australia, Melbourne I think, they broke up in 2007 and are named after a ginger making machine that my brother was rather partial to, myself, I preferred real Irn Bru from large glass bottles.

This track is rather lovely, it reminds me of Belle and Sebastian a bit. Wonder why I didn’t buy anything else by them?

Sodastream – Out

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6 Responses to Out

  1. Been meaning to ask – the cup in the pic. Hibbee's or Celt's?

    …this is where ur reputation sinks or swims 🙂

  2. drew says:

    Billy Bragg, Brewing Up With Billy Bragg. Was a life long Airdrie supporter until they went out the game, can't bring myself to support Airdrie United, so don't have that much interest, apart from seeing Motherwell get beat these days.

  3. you're reputation swims then…

    My uncle played for Airdrie back in the 70's so i have a soft spot for them, and like you have never been to the new ground – but i do my shopping at the old one now…

  4. drew says:

    Tried to avoid Morrisons for years but one day was in and tried to work out where my dad and I stood in relation to the shop, must have looked very strange. What was your uncle's name?

  5. something Jefferies, i'll ask my Gran nxt time i see her – he only played a handful of games then went to Leicester – tis a side of family i aint seen in 20 years. He started out at Celtic, but never got a game there so he cannae have been that good…

    Remember going to a game when big Gord mcQueen was manager with him, as we approached they were giving tickets away, think it was 1st game of season so they wanted a crowd, anyway, my uncle was convinced they'de heard he was coming and thats why we got free tickets. I daint have the heart to burst his bubble 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Check out this wonderful video, played in the early days of MTV Europe quiet a lot:

    Cheers HDN in Berlin

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