Where Do Kids Spend Their Pocket Money These Days?

I was just thinking yesterday, as I walked past the empty and rather dilapidated former Woolies, that I missed my Saturday visit with M and the tantrums that entailed when I refused to buy him the largest toy he could find in the store. I do not however miss the mad sugar rushes that used to ensue later on in the day when he loaded himself up on the crap that I capitulated on and bought much to the annoyance of his mother.

I also started wondering what all of the kids now did on a Saturday morning and how they spent their pocket money. Every weekend me and S would go up the street first thing and spend all of our pocket money on a single from either Woolies or Menzies

Woolies was always the best as it stocked the top 40 singles, whereas John Menzies only had the top 20. I remember one fraught Saturday, racing up to buy the UK Subs, Party In Paris on orange vinyl,  as on the Friday there had only been 2 copies in the store. When we got there  we found that one had been purchased.  Being the magnanimous sort, I let S buy it, if the truth be told I didn’t really like the track. The UK Subs weren’t my favourite band, I do however still like Warhead, which came on brown vinyl. I think that the rare UK Subs singles were the ones which were on black vinyl as I can’t actually remember ever seeing any on black vinyl.

My earliest memory of Woolies was the one in Airdrie, where I remember getting plastic figures of Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman, this was before I started to focus on small pieces of black plastic.

Here is one of the first singles I remember buying from Woolies.

SLF – At The Edge

and also Nanci Griffiths ode to Woolies

Nanci Griffiths – Love At The Five And Dime

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1 Response to Where Do Kids Spend Their Pocket Money These Days?

  1. Mona says:

    Actually my school dinner money on a Friday from my ma was 60p and that was enough to buy a single on the Friday walk home followed by a week of starving every schoolday to start all over again the next Friday. Good times!
    PS: Just nicked that Cameron as Thatcher poster which has to go up at the blog. Brilliant!

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