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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

This Friday’s track brings together one of the Belleville Three, the original innovators of Detroit Techno with 2 of the big names of Progressive House in the UK and responsible for the best dance album ever made in my opinion. … Continue reading

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M.I.A. returns

At other times you need something that just screams out AAAARRRRGH! I was alerted to the fact that M.I.A. is back when Mulrine posted the quite disturbing video for new track Born Free at Pop Cultureddd. The track is absolutely … Continue reading

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The Time has Come

Sometimes all you need is a lazily strummed guitar and a lovely voice covering a track by an English Folk singer of the 70s. Rose Melberg – The Time Has Come

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Milkshake Donor

Haven’t really posted that many mash up’s here but this is one that I love. I wanted to post Kelis’ Caught Out There yesterday,  just for the ‘I hate you so much right now’ refrain, for obvious reasons but realised … Continue reading

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Nothing To Say Really

I’ve been sitting, staring at the screen for the past hour hoping that inspiration would come, alas no. I could rant on some more about frontmen taking the piss out of the people who keep them in beer and fags … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Duped and Sadly It Probably Won’t Be The Last Time!

I fully expected this post to be about how great the Fall were last night and then I was going to tell you how wonderful the new album is and that you really should go out and buy it. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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A quick post this morning as a busy day ahead. A trip into Glasgow and a wander down Byres Road. Then over to Edinburgh to catch the Fall, magic. Marvin Gaye – Sunny

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance Like it’s 1986

When it comes down to it, for all I love northern soul and house music, the record which never fails to get me onto the dance floor and jigging about like an idiot is from a band of miserable gits … Continue reading

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Saturday Soulfest

In honour of Miss Ally’s upcoming soulfest and to get those going in the mood the soul keeps coming. If I didn’t have an appointment with a certain Mr Smith in Edinburgh and I was in London on Saturday there … Continue reading

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I haven’t really got much to say about this track by The Long Blondes, a band I know virtually nothing about apart from the fact that they were from Sheffield and had to call it a day, tragically after their … Continue reading

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