Never Get Out Of The Boat

After the news yesterday from JC that AcidTed had been pulled I was absolutely raging, I know that Blogger have the right to delete whatever it likes but to do so without a word of warning seems to me to be above and beyond. To just lose 2 years work like that must be gutting and Ctel has my, sympathies isn’t the right word but it will have to do for now.

To calm me down and chill me out I was looking for something quite mellow for a Sunday and something as a tribute to AcidTed, first I thought of posting a track or remix from  a certain remixer but that has been done to death recently. So you will have to settle for a track by a band containing members of the Sabres of Paradise and Red Snapper.

Never Get Out of The Boat was the first single by the Aloof and contains a vocal sample by Martin Sheen from Apocalypse Now. The usual mix  that is heard is the Gosh mix, which I think that I have posted in the past. The version posted according to the label is the Flying Mix and to tell you the truth, it’s not a version that I’ve played that much over the years, however during the week I flipped it over and played it at volume and it is really good, I would say that it is as good as the original.

See what you think

And in other news, go on the Raith Rovers today, I hope that you gub Dundee United. It would be great to see a Scottish Cup final with Ross County and Raith Rovers. Being a supporter of a so called “provincial” team I know what it’s like to get to the Scottish Cup final and the incredible feelings that that produces, Airdrie got to the final twice in the 90s. Not a whiff of the old firm in the final this year, magic.

The Aloof – Never Get Out Of The Boat (Flying mix)

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3 Responses to Never Get Out Of The Boat

  1. ANCB says:

    One of my fave albums this, well Sinking, where this tune appears – very under-rated

  2. ANCB says:

    oh, and I forgot to add – despite my north of the border footie loyalties tending to lean towards the east end, I must congratulate little ol' Ross County…a great result for them!

  3. Ctelblog says:

    Thanks for the post.

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