Record Shop Day 2010 Postscript

I have just been checking ebay and  I have to admit it has taken the shine off of my positive view of Record Shop Day 2010. There are a lot of fucking parasites out there. I’m not averse to somebody making a bob or two and it has been known for me to pay over the odds for some bit of vinyl that I believe that I can’t live without but the widespread abuse that can be seen on ebay just sickens me.

There are probably thousands of real music lovers out there who were gutted yesterday when they couldn’t get their hands on the one or two records which they queued up to get and then there are these cunts who have bought everything that they think may make them some money , went home and put a ludicrous buy now price of upwards of 100 quid on the records they have get their greasy, slimey hands on for no other reason than personal gain and absolutely no love of music. I would wish a fire on all of their houses although probably some innocent individual would probably get caught up in it. But I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around and one of these days in the righteous words of Chuck D, you’re gonna get yours.

I was of a mind to actually put in mad bids on all the items I could find but thought better of it as it would only be me that would end up suffering but I did put best offers of the original prices in for all of the ones that I could find that gave this option, I know it’s not much but it will be a pain in the arse for whoever is selling and I suggest that others do likewise here

Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours

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2 Responses to Record Shop Day 2010 Postscript

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, in Baltimore there were lines around the block at the Sound Garden. There were only 2 records I didn't get that I wanted. I'm sure half of the people who were buying stacks and stacks and doubles of records fall into this category. Sound Garden had 1 copy of the Soundgarden (no pun intended) 7″ and all I could do was watch someone grab it through a window… painful. I can only hope that 1 lucky guy wasn't buying it just to sell it today.

  2. drew says:

    Hey Annymous, glad you got most of what you wanted. Sadly everybody on ebay rejected my best offers for their record store day purchases.

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