Nothing Can Stop Me

A bit of northern for a Tuesday.

Gene Chandler is probably best known for the song “The Duke of Earl”, which was credited to him alone but was actually recorded by the band he was part of, the Dukays. The single sold an incredible 1 million copies in a month in the States.

He was a frequent collaborator of Curtis Mayfield’s who produced and wrote some of Chandler’s best known and highest charting singles, including the track posted today which was released on Constellation records and became a top 20 hit in the USA. The track was also a favourite at the Twisted Wheel in 1968.

At the age of 72 Chandler is still active and performing in Las Vegas, Chicago and elsewhere over the pond.

Gene Chandler – Nothing Can Stop Me.

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3 Responses to Nothing Can Stop Me

  1. Mulrine says:

    I'm smiling.


  2. ally. says:

    oh yes. that's doing it mighty fine


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