Just Another Saturday

Today I’m going to the football with S and his older brothers, an all to infrequent event for me. But it is not just any old football match. Events at New Broomfield and at other first division grounds around Scotland today will decide whether Airdrie will be relegated straight off, have to endure the play offs or the slim possibility,  if all the results go the way of the Diamonds they may be “safe” in the First Division for another season.

Afterwards the four of us will hit the high spots of Lanark, yet to work out what they are but we will find them. Lots of Guinness will be imbibed, the inevitable post mortem of the match and season will take place, last Saturdays debacle at Studio 24 will come up and generally a lot of bollocks will be talked.

Tomorrow, well that will be another story!

The Stone Roses – This Is The One

* the song has absolutely no relevance at all, just after a posting by Swiss Adam during the week I  wanted to post it.

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2 Responses to Just Another Saturday

  1. ANCB says:

    Big weekend for lots of fans – Me, I'm rooting on Leeds holding onto 2nd place, my sisters hoping Shef Wed can overcome Palace, and most Liverpool fans will be hoping Chelsea win tomorrow 🙂

  2. dickvandyke says:

    Im with ANCB.
    Certainly where LUFC are concerned, the anticipation/worry/anxiety/pain/false dawn/hope-meets-despair can be all too much.

    I may have to lie down and avoid it.

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