Superstar DJs? Hardly

I’ve spent worse Saturday nights.

I think that last night went quite well, thousands weren’t locked out by any manner of means and those that did attend were mostly friends but on a whole it was alright.

There was only one train crash, by me of course.  The Third Degree single decided that it would jump all over the place and then stick, which is really annoying as it played fine an hour or so ago when I tried it out on my deck. I also found out the hard way that my copy of Too Much Too Young, is,  in a word, fucked.  To cap it all,  inexplicably near the end of the night the sound kept cutting out from a couple of the speakers but sorted itself out for the last 45 mins.

The playing of the records was mainly done by myself and JC, although ANCB did do a turn and has decided that he will participate fully in July. The music policy could be said to have been eclectic, however anybody who had turned up to hear any dubstep would have been awfy disappointed, a phrase a guy I used to know never got sick of saying, as it just never seemed to be the right time for it. In fact there were quite a few records which before hand I had down as definites for me to play that never got an airing.

If you are interested in what was played, being the sad sacks that we are we kept a note and I or JC will post just as soon as I can decipher the hieroglyphics and type it it out.

Here is one of those tracks that I really wanted to play but never got around to.

Thanks to everyone who came along. Please come to the next one, on July 10th which will be hosted by JC and ANCB as I will be on holiday but hopefully they will let me back on in August.

Plan B – She Said

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11 Responses to Superstar DJs? Hardly

  1. John Medd says:

    I always used to bluetack(?)a half pence piece onto the stylus for such records! Glad it hasn't put you off.

  2. Simon says:

    Glad it went well!!!

  3. swiss adam says:

    Sounds good, glad it went well.

  4. drew says:

    Cheers guys, I think on the whole it went well.

    Simon – have you got the Plan B album? Have had it a couple of weeks but just got round to listening to it today, it's rather good

  5. dickvandyke says:

    Very well done to all concerned. As I said to Buzz Aldrin, 'I admire your spunky chutzpah to get it off the ground'.

  6. Artog says:

    God, is it Sunday already? I meant to wish you good luck before the event. It doesn't sound as though it went too badly – just the one cock up. My worst ever was whipping the needle off Foxey Lady when it went into the quiet bit, a full minute before it ends. I'd been chatting to a friend.

  7. Simon says:

    Plan B album is probably my album of the year. I've got the 'deluxe' version which has some remixes and extra tracks, which are well worth getting if you haven't already.

    I love it.

  8. davy h says:

    Well done to all concerned – I'll catch you on the London stretch of the tour.

  9. Mulrine says:

    Congrats on an eventful opening night. I'm sorry I missed out.

  10. kendo says:

    Good night had by the Anonymous 3 at the bar!! Say hello to Trudi for me and for a great insight into Fosters lager. Well done to you all for keeping the tunes going and choosing a great wee venue

  11. drew says:

    Glad you had a good night kendo. You're lucky you only got the Fosters spiel, it could have been worse, she could've started banging on about wine!

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