Wasted Little DJ’s

Sometimes music doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or upfront. Sometimes all you need is a bunch of teenagers in thrall so much to their heroes that they do a great impression of them.

I first came across The View, one lunch time when I was still office based. The office was in Cannonmills not far from Edinburgh City centre so two or three times a week I used to go up town and spend more than my allotted lunch break in Fopp on Rose Street, or Fopp and Avalanche on  Cockburn Street.

This particular day I was just about to leave Rose Street when these unfeasibly young guys got out of a white transit band and started to set up their instruments in Fopp. I decided that the database cleaning could wait and so I hung about until they decided to perform. By which time the shop was quite mobbed with teenagers who all knew about the band already.

They played a few numbers, can’t remember how many exactly but the song posted was amongst them. They were not the most original band in the world and by no means the most accomplished musicians, what they did have was energy and they were enjoying what they were doing.

Consequently I bought the singles and the first album. As I said above,  not the most original band in the world but the album is good,  not classic but by listening to so called classic albums all the time  you are in real danger of turning into a music snob and bore. Sometimes it’s good just to listen to something basic made by young inexperienced guys who sound like they were having a ball recording it.

I’ve heard a lot of detractors of the View and their music but these are mostly middle aged guys who think that they have heard it all before and therefore believe there views to be the only ones that matter. They are also the kind of guys who can no longer spell F-U-N. A sweeping generalisation I know but I quite like generalisations.

The View – Wasted Little DJs

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2 Responses to Wasted Little DJ’s

  1. JC says:

    Bang goes next Friday's posting at TVV on great Scottish singles…….

    Well said Drew

  2. drew says:

    There are a couple of other great singles, JC.

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