A Small Stretch Of Land

A beautiful song for a Sunday, nothing more need be said.

If you don’t own anything from Meursault, you can sort yourself out here.  You really should you know.

Meursault – A Small Stretch Of Land

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4 Responses to A Small Stretch Of Land

  1. JC says:

    With you on this track. Love all of that LP.

    Not sure even now, all these months later, if I am all that fond of the follow-up. Maybe the atandards of the debut were just too high to follow…


    Read elsewhere what you said about Kylie. You're wrong comrade!!!

  2. drew says:

    You are another who is sadly misguided JC, bland bland bland nonsense.

  3. damn that's good:
    thanks for sharing:

  4. drew says:

    My pleasure Choco, if you liked that you'll love Red Candle Bulb from the Nothing Broke ep.

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