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Happy Halloween , Happy Birthday My Boy.

It’s Max’s birthday today, born on Halloween seven years ago and has been scaring the shit out of his mother and I ever since. Here is his favourite song of the moment plus the only northern Halloween related song I … Continue reading

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The Last Time For A While, I Promise.

I promise this will be the last John Martyn for a while. I just can’t stop playing his music at the moment, I think that these songs are particularly suited to my mood at the moment. Anna is another unreleased … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

When I decided to feature today’s track I realised that the Age of Chance had been ahead of their time on more than one occasion in their short career and never seemed to get the recognition for the innovators that … Continue reading

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I Can’t Let Go

It’s been a while since we had some northern soul around these parts. Here is a rather pleasant mid tempo from Johnny Summers and like with so many other northern soul tracks I have have I can tell you very … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Get Pelters For This One.

I really like this track. It’s kind of difficult to get your head round the fact that this is the same band that came up with the banality of Why Does It Always Rain On Me or Driftwood only two … Continue reading

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Johnny Reb

New music time here. Johnny Reb are a five piece from Glasgow who, in there own words “like getting up people’s backs”. They were suppossed to be playing the Glasgow University freshers week but had an altercation with another band … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 1

Well here it is, my favourite session track ever from the John Peel show.  Another one of those “what the fuck” moments and not just from me I think,  as it was also the most requested session for repeat. I … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 2

If there is one band that is synonomous with the Peel sessions then it has to be The “mighty” Fall. As I have mentioned previously this is where MES and the gruppe shine brightest.  Whether showcasing new material or much … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 3

As I’ve said before the first time I heard the cacophony that was the early Jesus And Mary Chain sound it was one of those “what the fuck is that ” moments. I would love to be able to say … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Keep On Keeping It Peel, Number 4

By the end of the 1980’s more and more Peel sessions were from solo artist or duos who had thrown away their guitars and amps and replaced them with sequencers, decks and drum machines. With acts such as A Guy … Continue reading

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