Keeping It Peel, Number 9

I am slightly embarrassed to say that number nine in the countdown sees the appearance of the only female in the top ten. This troubled me when I was compiling this list but unless I wanted to start putting quotas in, then I’m sorry but no other female or female fronted band came close, with the exception of PJ Harvey who would probably have made a top 15.

Today’s track comes from a session by Cat Power recorded on 18th June 2000 and broadcast on 20th July 2000 and 31st August 2000.

Chan Marshall decided to record some of her favourite songs for this double session. Included is what I think is the definitive version of Oasis’s Wonderwall,  even better than the version by Ryan Adams. Peel’s listeners seemed to like it too as it reached number 33 in that year’s Festive Fifty.

Session Tracks: Sophisticated Lady, Hard Times In New York City, Wonderwall, He Was A Friend Of Mine, Freebird, Deep Inside, Come On In My Kitchen, Werewolf, Up And Gone, Sister, Knocking On Heaven’s Door.

Cat Power – Wonderwall

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1 Response to Keeping It Peel, Number 9

  1. Mondo says:

    Like it very much, may add that for next year's autumn Lazy Sunday comp or perhaps a winter one..

    And if you haven't heard it – lend an ear to this piece of GHP genius Oasis Are Gaye

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