It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Yesterday when I should have been concentrating on the protocol for a new study that I am getting involved in, I was thinking of what track I was going to post today which would be a dance track but would also fit in to this week’s kind of theme.

Not as easy as I thought it was going to be. By the time I got on my sleazyjet flight from Luton back to civilisation I had just about discounted everything that I had that had a dance floor friendly beat and had the most tenous of links or feel for the theme.

Life In Mono went out the window as being too obvious as it did sample the soundtrack to an actual spy movie. The Black Dog remixes of the Bullitt theme were thrown out as well mainly due to being a bit crap if the truth be known and don’t do the original justice. Other things such as LA Yellow 357 didn’t have a look in as I didn’t have time to sit down listen to the album and then rip the best track.

One band kept popping into my mind but again it was because they had covered a Bond theme and had collaborated with Dame Shirl into the bargain and therefor a bit obvious but what the hell. So I decided to go with them and their homage to spy movies.

Tomorrow I will remember about ten less obvious but better tracks I could have chosen. But I will be too busy reviewing the protocol that I should have known all about after yesterday’s meeting to let it bother me.

So here for your delectation on a Friday is some Big Beat buffoonery courtesy of the Propellerheads.

Propellerheads – Spybreak (the long one)

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7 Responses to It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

  1. davy h says:

    Ah yes, very clever.

    But unfortunately Mr Drew you are too late. By 6pm the study protocol will be in my hands.

    Goodbye, Mr Drew.

  2. drew says:

    No Mr H unfortunately an amendment is needed therefor the one in your hands is totally worthless. Welcome to the world of clinical research!

  3. davy h says:

    You'll never get away with this – I “BOOM!!!!!” *is never heard from again*

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fools! The study protocol was never intended for use! The real code is embedded in the Powerpoint presentation from the Luton conference! AHAHA HA HA AHAHA HA HA!!!

  5. Simon says:

    I loved the Propellerheads. I always forget about tthem.

  6. Ctelblog says:

    But what about Orbital's The Box?

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