Snow Patrol are a band that I have mixed emotions about. There are tracks on their breakthrough album the Final Straw that I love, well 2, Run and Grazed Knees but the rest of their output just washes over me. I have listened to the Final Straw, the previous two albums and the one after quite a few times under the premise, that if I like two tracks surely I will like others but no, nothing,  it does absolutely nothing for me.

I have bumped into Gary Lightbody a couple of times in The Wah Wah Hut  and a throughly nice guy he seems to be which makes me want to like his music but I just can’t.

Anyway, today’s post is a pretty miserable but brilliant cover of Run, a song that I think is very very good,  by Shetland islander, Astrid Williamson.

Williamson, used to be in the band Goya Dress with Terry DiCastro and Simon Pearson. When the band dissolved Williamson embarked on a solo career while the other two went on to join David Gedge in Cinerama.

Her cover of Run was the b-side of her 2004 single Reach which came out on a rather cracking picture disc featuring the painting, The One by Mary Jane Ansell.

Astrid Williamson – Run 

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2 Responses to Run

  1. Colin says:

    i would defend, to within an inch of my life, the glory that is “ask me how i am”. it is a brilliant pop song with a great bass line and i love the lyrics.

    but, in truth, there is little else i'd defend by them. just not for me.

    but, i will listen to this though!

  2. Scott says:

    Know what you mean – went to see them at Bellahouston in the summer 'cos my good lady is a fan and left wondering what all the fuss was about. 15 minutes worth of good songs and the rest just washed over the top of my head. At least Frightened Rabbit were on the bill.

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