Darker My Love

The first time I heard of Darker My Love was in spring 2006, when Mark Smith either sacked his band mid way through their American Tour or the band members decided they had had enough of his tyrannical ways and left of their own accord depending on who you believe. Anyway Smith was left without a band to finish the tour and enlisted the talents of some American musicians who,  ever since have been referred to as the “Dudes” by Smith and fans alike. Amongst the Dudes were Tim Presley and Rob Barbato who had their own band, Darker My Love. The Dudes would go on to tour with Smith during the rest of 2006 and 2007 and write and record the album Reformation TLC.

Darker My Love are described as a psychedelic indie band and indeed there is much in there sound that harks back to garage bands of the Bay Area of the late 60s. They  formed in 2004 and to date they have released 3 studio albums and a live album recorded at the Silverlake club in Los Angeles which finishes with a blistering version of Can’s Mother Sky.

The track posted comes from the second album “2” which is the better of the first two albums, I don’t know what the third sounds like as I haven’t got round to getting a copy yet.

Darker My Love – Two Ways Out

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