Tonight I Will Mostly Be Drinking . . . Beer

If you live in the UK and can get your hands on some Brew Dog beer, you really should give it a go. I can recomend the Punk I.P.A., Trashy Blonde and the 5a.m. Saint which really is the dogs bollocks.

Frank Zappa – Titties and Beer

 “Not too subtle or enlightened title for a song Drew!” you say. I know but the post about the faux hippies earlier in the week brought memories of this song back to me and I had to dig the Zappa in New York album out of the cupboard. It really is a piece of nonsense but don’t blame me this was Davy H’s idea!

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11 Responses to Tonight I Will Mostly Be Drinking . . . Beer

  1. Mondo says:

    Tried both of those and yes. Delish. Keep an eye out for Crouch Vale beer if you see any. Local to me and gorgeous. We're at the eldest's senior school musical tonight. So may need a straightner (or two) after.

    Zappa I only know Peaches en Regalia and Son of Green Genes. What else would you recommend..

  2. drew says:

    The album that this track comes from Zappa In New York is really good the musicians are all top class, Lou Marini and Tom Malone being two of them. Joe's Garage is also good.

    Of the Mothers of Invention stuff We're Only In It For The Money and Filmore East June 1971 are worth listening to.

    Loved the Sensible interview today btw

  3. davy h says:

    I met have lent the match to light the fire, but the first spark and subsequent stoking of the flames is all yours, baby.

    Am having a London Pride. And enjoying being home.

  4. drew says:

    Hope the Parents are doing fine, Mr H.

  5. davy h says:

    As well as can be expected Drew, thank you. I brought them a Christmas cake and decorated their small plastic tree.

  6. Simon says:

    Cheap Sainsbury brandy tonight. Just because it was there. Have a good weekend people.

  7. davy h says:

    Oooh, what I wouldn't give for some cheap Sainsburys brandy.

  8. Simon says:

    It's not bad actually. You can tell it's cheap obviously, but it tastes nice. A bit like a Haribo sweet version of orange in comparison to good brandy's real orange – if that makes sense.

  9. davy h says:

    It does. And I wish I'd got some earlier now (when I went down for me two bottles of Pinot Grig, some prawns and ginger – it were a Ken Hom's Hot Wok recipe chez nous tonite).

  10. drew says:

    I'm onto the Belgium Raspberry beer and a gin 7 tonic on the side. Trying to get my end of year list done.

    Going into Glasgow to do Christmas shopping tomorrow.

  11. dickvandyke says:

    Christmas shopping! Are you mad? You need to relax tomorrow drew. All that toing and froing and Budda Pest or Bust. You deserve to put yer tartan slippers by the fire and gloat about English World Cup bids and Uni tuition fees.

    I'll try that beer. As I said to the Jewish paediatrician, Thanks for the tip off.

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