Darlin’, You’re No Oil Painting

As you are reading this, I will be attending my December Team Meeting and will now be the lucky owner of a packet of Pot Pourri, a pack of three size 22 pants or some such shit. I will have tried my best to look as if my sides are splitting with laughter but suspect my coupon will have given the game away.

Anyway, here is the first single from an album that does genuinely make me smile when I hear it.  Schmotime, released in 2006 is full of great tunes with lyrics full of wry humour and in Dan Michaelson’s deep voice a really distinctive vocal.

Absentee – We Should Never Have Children

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3 Responses to Darlin’, You’re No Oil Painting

  1. Simon says:

    Had that album. Dont seem to have it now. Really liked Something To Bang as I recall. Will have to find it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    bought this album at a charity shop, blindly also. never regretted it, this track infact was given heavy rotation.

  3. Mulrine says:

    Gosh. The personal relevance of Absentee is unreal. You know when a band is so bound up in the memories of someone that it colours your perception of it?

    Yea, that is Absentee to me.

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