A Woman In Winter

I know that I featured the Skids the other week and that this track has been featured here before but the Skids have been on my mind a bit of late, especially Stuart Adamson and this track is about as apt as apt gets for this time of year without mentioning the C word.

Stiff and I were talking about Big Country on the way back from the We Were Promised Jetpacks gig at the QMU on Saturday night, jeez, did we feel old, I think that the average age was about twenty. But I digress. It seemed to me us that along with the Talking Heads Little Creatures album and Raintown by Deacon Blue, The Crossing was an obligatory album in any household in the 80s.

More cryptic lyrics from Jobbers.

The Skids – Woman In Winter

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4 Responses to A Woman In Winter

  1. davy h says:

    They're sounding a bit Big Country on this one…

  2. davy h says:

    I don't like Big Country, do you?

  3. drew says:

    I likled some of The Crossing. They are not a band I listen to very regularly. Fields Of Fire was always good for getting people going.

    Didn't buy anything after the first album.

  4. Simon says:

    I liked Big Country, there's a song on their 2nd album called Girl With Grey Eyes that I still listen to now, and the singles are all things I don't mind listening to every so often. Mind you, they're normally played around the same time I might put on The Alarm, so…

    Meanwhile, Yankee Dollar is one of my favourite singles from that more New Wave era. Sits alongside Babylon's Burning and Eton Rifles rather nicely.

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