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John Barry 1933 – 2011

  Genius John Barry – Midnight Cowboy

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Lazy Monday Post

I was listening to this track yesterday and thought that it could do with posting again. as it was in Feb 2009 when this originally appeared on the blog. To continue with the positive attitude of this blog here is … Continue reading

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Bill Is Dead

We haven’t had anything from the mighty Fall for a while. Here is a track that finds Mark and the gruppe in a reflective mood. This track is from the 1990 release, Extricate the first album released after Brix Smith … Continue reading

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Allo Darlin’

I went to see Allo Darlin’ at the Captain’s Rest last night. Their album was one of the highlights of last year for me and Dreaming made the Tracks of My Year. I didn’t quite know what to expect live, … Continue reading

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Lilac Wine

I will not be imbibing tonight on account of having to drive into the town to see Allo Darlin’ in the Captain’s Rest. But may I suggest something sweet and heady for the rest of you drunkards out there. I … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

It’s back to 1992 for this week’s track and a bit of acid revival courtesy of egg and acid obsessed Ege Bam Yasi a nutter from Inverness who had been making music influenced by the likes of Can, Captain Beefheart … Continue reading

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When Everything Stopped

In  a previous existence when I was an apprentice joiner after jacking in Uni the majority of my time was spent working on building sites. Building sites in the late 80s were not the nicest places in the world, in … Continue reading

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A Disappointment? Not To Me

A couple of weeks ago in a piece on the Plaid remixes of the first UNKLE ep, Ctel over at Acid Ted commented that the first UNKLE album, Psyence Fiction was dull and SwissAdam commented that he thought the album … Continue reading

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That’s The Way He Is

This is the first week since I started back after the holidays that I will not be thinking “jesus I wish it was the weekend”. This week is not as hectic as the past two and a half  have been, … Continue reading

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Number 9

There is a new Twilight Singers album being released on the 14th Feb which I’m really looking forward to but more than that Dulli and Co will be at the Arches in Glasgow on the 19th of March. I was … Continue reading

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